Rihanna and Chris Brown
Three is a Crowd
A Kimye Bebe


Being a woman in this day and age can be a busy job. Family, friends, work… there are so many important things that require your focus and attention. And sometimes this doesn’t leave a lot of time for the most important person in your life. Who might that person be, you ask? Well YOU of course. And if you are like most women, you don’t even realize you aren’t giving yourself the attention you deserve.

That’s what Distinctly Hers is here for. To give you a place to give yourself a little break. A place you can take a few minutes, over your morning cup of coffee perhaps, and check out all the latest in celebrity, beauty, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle news. We’ve got it all here in one convenient place for you to enjoy. So kick up your feet, take a moment for yourself and have a look around. It’s your time now.